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Ecological Exploration

Common moon crab

Crustacea | Ocypodidae
Matuta victor


The common moon crab is a relatively large crab in Gaomei Wetlands with an approximately 5 cm wide carapace when reaching adulthood. Because the common moon crab is a subtidal species, it cannot live out of water. Its flat paddle-shape chelae are the evolutionary outcome of adapting to living in shallow seas. When the tide rises, the crabs swims in the water. And when the tide ebbs, they stay in shallow water or hide in the sand of low tidal zones with a thin layer of water. The common moon crab is carnivorous. These crabs can be seen feeding on other crabs. Occasionally, two or three crabs can be seen fighting over a fish carcass.


The common moon crab can often be seen on sandy beaches at Gaomei Wetlands, from May to October every year.


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