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Ecological Exploration

Stimpson's ghost crab

Crustacea | Ocypodidae
Ocypode stimpsoni


The Stimpson's ghost crab is about 3.5 cm wide and has match-shaped eyestalks. The crabs are normally red, which can be observed as fast-moving red dots on the sand when seen from afar. When startled, their body color can quickly turn yellow-brown like the sandy beach. Their “ghost crab” name comes from their drifty, ghost-like movement. The Stimpson's ghost crab is also known as the marked palm crab because the inner side of its two identical chelae has a straight horizontal mark. The burrows of the Stimpson's ghost crab have an oval-shaped oblique opening that are surrounded by pieces of sediment.


The Stimpson's ghost crab digs and lives in burrows on sandy beaches close to land at Gaomei Wetlands.


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