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Ecological Exploration

Smooth cordgrass (invasive species)

Smooth cordgrass (invasive species)

Plant | Poaceae
Spartina alterniflora


The smooth cordgrass is an invasive perennial grass. The plant is 1-3 m tall and has vigorous rhizomes that can grow deep into the soil. Its lanceolate leaves are 30-60 cm long and have salt glands, which is why white salt powder is often seen adhering to the leaves. It also grows panicles of flowers. The smooth cordgrass is resistant to salinity and wind, and is able to stabilize sandy soils. The plant was originally introduced from North America to seashores in China, and has spread to Taiwan. This aggressive invasive species grows fast and affects the native ecosystem.


The smooth cordgrass grows widely in the core area of Gaomei Wetlands.


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