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Ecological Exploration

White popinac (invasive species)

White popinac (invasive species)

Plant | Leguminosea
Leucaena leucocephala


The white popinac is a small invasive tree. The plant grows bipinnate leaves that have glands. It also grows small white flowers that aggregate into flower heads. The seed pods are flat and are 12-18 cm long, containing 10-20 seeds each. Leaves have 3-10 pairs of leaflets, and each leaflet has 5-20 pairs of elongated, ovular pinnulae. The leaves and stems have a distinct smell. The white popinac was originally introduced from Central and South America as pig and cow feed. This plant disperses and grows fast and can secrete mimosine, a chemical that inhibits other plants from growing.


The white popinac grows in Gaomei Wetlands beside the Fanziliao Levee.


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